Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tim Holtz @ Cambridge

What a morning! Thank you Times Herald for running such a generous and wonderful article about cardmaking! You can see one of my cards on the front page... Above the Fold! The rest of the article is in their new section called "the Mix". You cannot pay for that kind of coverage! Holy Cow! Thank you Liz Shepard (reporter) and Wendy Torello (photographer) for being such a pleasure to visit with. You made it easy!

If that wasn't enough...they also did a step by step "how to" video on their website. You can see it and listen to me drone on and on if you CLICK HERE!

The next few pictures are about my up-coming class at Destination Marysville.
I called it "Tim Holtz @ Cambridge" because all the hardware with the exception of one piece, and the stamps, are by Tim Holtz. All the patterned paper is by Bobunny and is from their "Cambridge" series. Very Cool hardware and very cool paper!

You could call it a bookbinding class...but that sounds scary and complicated. It's very straight forward and Anyone can do it! Promise! The class is only 4 hours and runs twice.

Here are the details: December 15th / 10am - 2pm / $30
December 18th / 10am - 2pm / $30
Please call Destination Marysville at (810) 388-0500 to sign up

I called it Memento because you could easily place a series of photographs in it to commemorate an event! Try making them Sepia!

I added some gold leafing very cautiously on the torn edges of the paper!

I'll add a supply list to the end of this blog later today...I need to do some double checking first and I wanted anybody who saw the Times Herald article to have something to look at just in case they came here after reading it! I'm a very infrequent blogger!
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