Monday, June 28, 2010

Copic Blossoms

I meant to keep the second card for my next copic class simple and to stay away from warm colors....but somehow the stamps just wanted to go somewhere else! The blue and one of the greens are hot colors, but everything else turned into a warm color after that! There's a Batik feel to this card that I like and if I wasn't specifically using copics today - I would run in a totally different direction with this and chase the whole Batik thing.

When I teach at a place other than my studio - I get all anxious and stressed because I worry about remembering everything and hoping that I won't forget something vital at home where I can get to that's it for the blog!! I'm so not a multi-tasker!!!

Products Used:

* Bazzill / Dotted Swiss / Rope Swing? (picked it up from Destination Marysville!)
* Bazzill / Dotted Swiss / Sand Box?
* Bazzill / Prismatics / Black

* BG10 Cool Shadow
* W3 Warm Gray No. 3
* YG03 Yellow Green
* G85 Verdigris

* Sakura Black Glaze Pen
* Sakura Clear Glaze Pen
* Versamagic Ink Pad / Wheat VG-82

* Hero Arts Cling / Blossoms CG148
* Memory Box / Just a Note B1053

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Treasure - #1

I had an extraordinary experience last night when a dear woman named Melissa came to my Studio class last night and gave me this fantastic package. She is so talented! You would not believe the care and love and attention that went into this gift! EVERYTHING matches! All the detail and minutae of this artwork (that is what it is!) is a joy to look at and treasure!

It matches!
This matches too!
Look at the little charm!
The blog won't let me put anymore pictures I'm going to post another blog!

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Treasure - #2

Here a some more pictures from the beautiful package that Melissa gave me!

Beads hanging from the butterfly!

Even the book is blue and green!

How 'bout that frog! (green gum!)

This was such an inspiration to me!  Awesome talent!  Beautiful Gift!

Thank you Melissa

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Copic Hero

Just a little double entendre on the title there! I'm always relieved when I get stamps from a store owner to do a class with and something works out! (sometimes I sweat over it forever and Nothing works out!!! I'm a Copic Hero for getting it done!). In this case the stamps are from Hero Arts and the coloring is done with Copic Markers...thus, "Copic Hero" again!

Last night I had an amazing time with all the very cool ladies that came to class. We were laughing so hard that they had to pause Mid-Stamp until the shaking was over. Everyone had funny stories and a great sense of humor and I slept like a rock after that because I truly relaxed from our fabulous evening of fun. I haven't had a shower yet because I dragged my sorry butt out of bed at the last minute to go to work! (here at the studio...I know - it's rough!) I'm feeling sorry for Kay right now because she had to drive home 1.25 hours last night and then get up in time for a meeting at 6am!!!! Hang in there sister!

This card will be part of a class at Destination Marysville on July 19th and a second date of July 21st. She just got in a supply of Hero Arts Stamps - so you might want to check it out!

Products Used

* Bazzill Dotted Swiss / Deep Pink
* Bazzill Prismatc / Intense Kiwi
* Hero Arts Cling Stamps / Blossoms CG148
* Zva Rhinestones
* May Arts Silk Ribbon / Pink SK17
* Button / Hero Arts / CH176 Spring Felt Buttons
* Gelly Roll / Clear Star
* Sakura Black Glaze Pen

* RV02 Sugared Almond Pink
* RV06 Cerise
* YG03 Yellow Green
* G85 Verdigris
* W3 Warm Grey No. 3

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copic Hello!

One more Copic Card to match my other two using this particular set of stamps. I've already given the samples to Shannon from Remember When Scrapbooking and I don't have the list of products I used. I'm learning that I should really take the time to make more than one sample right away instead of putting it off. The chances of getting back to it get slimmer every day!!

I love this particular set of cards....if they didn't take so long to make I'd have a bunch hanging around for "mail emergencies!"... but I'm pretty sure once I do another set...they'll be saved into my card box for prosterity's sake! (as Marianne would say...."Sounds like too much Work!") to make a bunch.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strawberry Fields

Yesterday I had what felt like the first class at my Studio in forever! I loved it. The nicest bunch of ladies you'll find it was a great way to get back into the game! What a wonderful time we had!
I asked everyone to vote on the new Tim Holtz/Sissix Embossing folder in the background because Hubby wasn't 100% sold on it. I didn't want to do it I think the ladies just said..." looks nice!" hah!'s staying!
While I'm sitting here doing this blog, my son Tristan (14) is doing the photos and entries for the website and my oldest son Michael (17) is weedwacking outside!!! Life is good!

Products Used:

* Bazzil / Blush Red Prismatic
* Bazzill / Kraft

* Pearls by KaiserCraft / SB795 Red
* May Arts Ribbon Red Gingham KB14 
* Sissix: Tim Holtz Embossing Folder / Woodgrain #656644
* Hardware by Creative Impressions
* Unity Stamps / Berry Good Life / UK-433A

Prismacolor Pencils
PC1089 Pale Sage
PC912   Apple Green
PC1084 Ginger Root
PC925   Crimson Lake
PC926   Carmine Red
PC1094 Sandbar Brown
PC1967 Cool Grey 90%
PC1076 French Grey 90%

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cup of Tea

I woke up today excited to post on my blog because I had colored and created and tried new things yesterday without feeling pressed.  It's been good to get ahead of the classes and schedule a little.  The website needs work, I need more experience taking pictures and using Paint Shop Pro... but on the whole, it's nice to start creating again without wondering if I could understand how to do calendars, websites, links, trims, borders, etc.

When I was tooling around blogs yesterday, I also realized I would have to start watermarking my cards again...which I had forgotten about.  It's not so much to credit my work (ok, maybe that too!)- but requests from stamp companies to not make it so easy for the images to get reproduced without purchase.  After talking with a tech guy from my hosting service, I was told there was almost nothing you could do anyway, since people who know what they are doing don't find it hard to take it off.  What a shame!  I'll still watermark the images when I put them in the website though...I don't think hackers are into coloring!!!

Demra put her blog up last night for the Nook and Cranny here in Port Huron, MI.  I raced over there to be her first "follower"!  Here it is....she's just getting started, but eventually there will be a beautiful montage of "Made in Michigan" Crafts to page through.

Products Used
* Bazzill / Blush Red Prismatic
* Bazzill / Kraft Cardstock
* Pearls by KaiserCraft / SB795 Red
* May Arts Ribbon / Gingham KB46

* Swiss Dots Embossing Folder
* Frills Embossing Folder Border Set

Prismacolor Pencils
* PC1089 Pale Sage
* PC 912  Apple Green
* PC1084 Ginger Root
* PC925   Crimson Lake
* PC926   Carmine Red
* PC1094 Sandbar Brown
* PC1067 Cool Grey 90%
* PC1076 French Grey 90%

Unity Stamps Company: Berry Good Life / UK-433A

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Teapot Trial

I've always loved Prismacolor Pencils and always sold them in the two stores I've had. But the only style I picked up on was derived from all the beautiful work that Magenta does to display their very unique stamps. Lately I've been mesmerized by the colored pencil/gamsol artwork done by Paula in her blog and many others surrounding the SplitCoastStampers community. I don't know who started it (probably Stampin' Up - or maybe they just promoted it?) I really don't know. I just know that if you start at Paula's blog or the SplitCoastStampers website, you can tool around the links and go crazy admiring all the artwork.

Holy Cow! I just made that link to Magenta in the previous paragraph and saw their new website and latest stamps...hmmmm...more inspiration there too! Maybe it's time to buy some more stamps!!! Did you notice the way they color? Lots of White and no gamsol. Very attractive too! However, I did see that connected blogs are showing the gamsol style as well!

Anyway! I like where the teapot is going... I'm just not sold on my colors or the finishing yet. More exploration and color experimentation is required! I would love to have a class with this stamp set from "Unity Stamps" but I think I'm going to have to work a little more at it!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tim Holtz and Hardware

I was reading over the quote by General Patton that I printed on to this card and realized that I should have emphasized the "how" on the front of the card. After reading it for the first time in a was almost a little too odd to pick up what he was trying to say the first time you read it. On top of that little problem....I had worked really hard to make a beautiful but plain inside for the card and then realized afterword that I had it oriented the wrong way! In other words, you would have to turn the card sideways when you opened it, to read the rest of the quote! I was about to rip it out when hubby said "why don't you leave it? It suits the sentiment." Great idea...and voila, I was done! I do think I'll rewrite the quote a little better for class so that the meaning of the quote comes through clearly.

Tim Holtz products seem to go great with hardware don't they? I loved messing around with the clear acrylic fragment pieces that have so many applications! All I did on this was print "creative" on matching paper with my printer, center the fragment over the word, trace, cut out, distress and adhere to the acrylic. I'm sure there are many solutions to adhering the paper...but what I did was use my favorite glue...Clear Art Glitter Glue....spreading it thinly on the fragment. I let it dry a little until it almost turned clear, and while it was still tacky, I smoothed on the paper so the word could be seen just under the acrylic. The chain is one of my very favorite "ribbons" from Creative Impressions! It's very mini and comes with cute little fasteners that are a bear to attach! Totally worth it!!

Products Used:
* sentiments printed with an HP printer.  Fonts:  Atlanta - 12pt and Stonehenge - 26pt.
* Zva Rhinestones (amber color)

* Beaded Chain by Creative Impressions

Tim Holtz
* Adirondack Alchohol Ink Applicator
* Idea-ology Fragments/Charms
* Sissix Alterations Dies:  Scrollwork and Styled Labels
* Distress Walnut Ink

* Bazzill Grass Cloth Texture Cardstock / Stonehenge
* Cappella Mezzo by Basic Grey
* Cappella/Forte by Basic Grey

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Copic Funky Tree

This is #2 out of the three funky copic cards that I've been doing for classes lately. I've really been enjoying some of the hotter colors and hope that I can start dreaming in them rather than my old fall favorites! I'm not sure I can go to hot orange yet...but it could happen!

I dusted off my old colored pencil display when I found out for sure that you can't get new ones that hold over a hundred different colors (hope they will later!). Mine holds 126 - so with my brand new display that only holds about 25-35? (have to get it out of storage) I should be set with enough room to start selling the full line. Hubby was helping glue and clamp (with bricks) on Saturday and it looks like we're back in business. There are some discontinued colors to take out and all the labels will get reprinted, some shopping to do...and Voila!

I never thought to take a picture while it was on it's side getting squished by the it is though, ready to dust, label and organize!

Products Used
* Bazzill Criss-Cross texture / Swimming Pool
* Glossy Black - Prism Papers (now owned by Bazzill)
* Solar White Neenah 80lb Paper
   0-Colorless Blender
   BG10-Cool Shadow
   BG49-Duck Blue
   RV02-Sugared Almond Pink
   R29-Lipstick Red
   C3-Cool Gray No.3
* Black Stitched Ribbon from Lasting Impressions (May Arts also has this product)
* Black Soot Distress Ink by Tim Holtz

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watercolor Meadow

I'm having a weirdness moment, realizing that I've blogged for 3 days in a row and enjoyed it.  I'm still attributing this to hanging out with Cath & Paula ...was it only last weekend?  Maybe it was just a culmination of things coming together?  Not sure!  Not complaining either!  Maybe it's because all the things I'm having to learn to be "electronic" instead of "brick & mortar" are settling in and  I'm accepting the fact that I don't have a store anymore but not resenting it like I was?  (the kids are doing much better by the way). Demra's been coming over and we've been yakking, cutting, wrapping and packaging...that's been great too!  It's fun to listen to her retail savvy and wit!

Regardless, I've been creating like crazy and feeling good about expressing myself.  I used to blog to help my business...but now I blog to say what I feel like.  I don't mind linking everything up - but I just say whats on my mind.  (should have done that first right?)  I'm sure we're all rolling our eyes right now and saying "mid-life" crisis!....I think that was last year though!

Loved re-visiting my Tombow markers and making some simple cards.  To me, this is something I want to give to friends or family that are going through tough times.  It's peaceful, quiet, thoughtful and back to simplicity!  I've already thought of some folks who could use some flowers and a card for a pick-me-up.  Unfortunately...people who need some extra love are easy to find right?

Products Used
* Bazzill Bling / String of Pearls
* Bazzill / North Sea
* Pearls by Kaiser Craft / Chino
* Twill by Creative Impressions #80470
Tombow Markers
942, 990, 528, 993
Unity Stamps / Insightful Meadow UK-442A 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Funky Flowers

I'm more of a fall color person - so curbing my natural tendency to drift into those colors - I made myself switch to hot colors and eclectic design! Because I am by no means a copic master, (more like a copic crime perpetrator!) I've been sticking to simple designs where the same technique is done over and over again until it's practically bludgeoned into my brain! Then I say to myself...Okay...I think I got it! Let's try something else!

I also finished conquering (not an eyes hurt) a new calendar with links and pictures and locations etc. and hope that you will love it and use it! Of course, the first thing my husband said was "where are the classes at the studio *?@# ??" (very mild language I assure you! punctuated by lizzy this and lizzy that) They're going to be in there I promise! I just wanted to make sure my committments to other stores was covered first! It takes awhile for me to learn new stuff (should have bought a Mac!). One more day or so and you will see at least one Studio class up there! (fingers crossed and losing blood flow!) Here it is! CALENDAR!

Product list

*Copics: 0-Colorless Blender, BG49-Duck Blue, BG15-Aqua, BG10-Cool Shadow, R29-Lipstick Red, RV06-Cerise, RV02-Sugared Almond Pink,
* Stitched Black Ribbon by Lasting Impressions
* Clear Rhinestones by KaiserCraft
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


As much as I love Stampscapes - I sometimes think that I'm making a class that has to top the last one with technique, bells and whistles! After chatting a while with Connie from Destination Marysville we decided to make her next class accessible to not only our much loved and loyal Stampscapers but hopefully another interested set of folks who just want to make some great nature cards or manly cards...Me Too!

But how do you do that?? I was stumped for a bit and came up with some truly ugly cards .... until I came across some inspiration! Hallelujah! The important point about inspiration is to Not copy the artwork of another card maker and take credit for just need to get pushed in another direction so that you grow, learn and get some inspiration. So check out this inspiration card from Beate Johns who is Fabulous! Beate used an "encaustic technique" involving irons and wax crayons that I'm happily avoiding (too much work) but you definitely have to watch the video and add her blog to your google reader list!

What I loved about it was the Spellbinder frame, the pearls and the Single Stamp! Everyone's got one great tree stamp right?? The next step was to add a horizon without using wax! hmmm... I decided on makeup sponges and masking. Everyone has that too right??
Now I was cooking! A few more cards hit the trash...and then I was off and running! Thanks Beate!

Products Used!

Stampscapes: Oak Tree (Medium) 178E
Coredinations Cardstock / Mantis
Black Tie Bazzill Bling
12 x 12 Imaginisce "Exotic East" Simply Nirvana

Adirondack Inks: Caramel, Red Pepper, Meadow, Pitch Black

Pearls by KaiserCraft: Denium , Black

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Imagination...find it all over again!

I was so inspired this last weekend to continue creating just for fun, because I spent some time with two really neat people. I've known Cath for a couple of years now and am amazed at how much she has grown in her craft in such a short time. I took her class at Mary Maxim's so that I could be with her and Paula ... and was infected by her love of coloring.

Paula is a 1st Class colorist who specializes in colored pencil work. I've followed her blog for quite some time and had never met her until I took a class with her too! That opened up a whole new world for me. Check this
blog out...You'll keep going back!

I was working on a class for
Shannon and didn't take out "play" projects with my two friends - and came to the realization that I'd forgotten how, when I was sweating two days later with a style that I didn't feel comfortable with. Shannon and I wanted to explore Tim Holtz products for her customers and for ourselves...and what should have been fun...turned into a race against time to complete my personal deadline. Crazy!

I'm pretty sure Paula just colors in the evenings and then collects so much artwork that she can pick what she wants to do for a class and also for her blog. I determined to do the same. Thanks for the pick-me-up guys!

I wanted to take away the silver look of the charm here so I colored it with a dark moss green copic.

Ink:  Distress Walnut Ink by Tim Holtz
Sizzix: Scrollwork & Styled Labels by Tim Holtz Alterations Dies
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology Fragments / Charms
* Beaded Chain by Creative Impressions
Paper: Bazzill Cardstock, Cappella/Mezzo by Basic Grey, Cappella/Forte by Basic Grey
* Adirondack Alchohol Ink Applicator
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