Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watercolor Meadow

I'm having a weirdness moment, realizing that I've blogged for 3 days in a row and enjoyed it.  I'm still attributing this to hanging out with Cath & Paula ...was it only last weekend?  Maybe it was just a culmination of things coming together?  Not sure!  Not complaining either!  Maybe it's because all the things I'm having to learn to be "electronic" instead of "brick & mortar" are settling in and  I'm accepting the fact that I don't have a store anymore but not resenting it like I was?  (the kids are doing much better by the way). Demra's been coming over and we've been yakking, cutting, wrapping and packaging...that's been great too!  It's fun to listen to her retail savvy and wit!

Regardless, I've been creating like crazy and feeling good about expressing myself.  I used to blog to help my business...but now I blog to say what I feel like.  I don't mind linking everything up - but I just say whats on my mind.  (should have done that first right?)  I'm sure we're all rolling our eyes right now and saying "mid-life" crisis!....I think that was last year though!

Loved re-visiting my Tombow markers and making some simple cards.  To me, this is something I want to give to friends or family that are going through tough times.  It's peaceful, quiet, thoughtful and back to simplicity!  I've already thought of some folks who could use some flowers and a card for a pick-me-up.  Unfortunately...people who need some extra love are easy to find right?

Products Used
* Bazzill Bling / String of Pearls
* Bazzill / North Sea
* Pearls by Kaiser Craft / Chino
* Twill by Creative Impressions #80470
Tombow Markers
942, 990, 528, 993
Unity Stamps / Insightful Meadow UK-442A 

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