Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CLASS: Spook & Panic Card 2

Yesterday I was had a great time visiting USArtQuest right here in Grasslake, MI.  They offered a day full of classes & education to retailers within driving distance.  When I had a store in Anchorage, AK I remember ordering quite a few Paint Palettes because they were very unique with glorious colors full of Mica sparkle & depth.  They were bought quickly because they always made "us stampers" look like we knew what we were doing!  Since coming to Michigan, I haven't ordered from them much, and was very pleased when they invited me to come and get re-acquainted with their products.  That's when I found out about their Mica Delights! and their newest Mica Pigment Paint (renamed) called "Vintage"!  Holy Cow! I think that Northwoods class coming up will have a whole new meaning!

If you want to check USArtQuest for yourself...
Check out their website here!
The owner/creator's name is Susan Pickering Rothamel (mouthful) whom you have probably seen in Magazines and Consumer Crafts shows and not known she was right here in our state!  (we got a tour of their create, package and shipping plant...very cool!) 
Check out her Webisodes here!
The difference in her card making are the products she created and manufactured herself.  I think there will be alot of ideas to pick up from her sites! 

Here is another card from the Spook and Panic Class

Inside the Card

CLASS:  Spook and Panic $12
Oct. 6th Tuesday Aft. 12-2pm
Oct. 8th Thursday Aft. 7-9pm
(810) 966-9664

The stamps by "October Afternoon" are solid...so it's a bit of a challenge to give them vibrant color.  Instead of using an inkpad...I stamped in Versamark and colored with Chalk.  Heavy Chalking can give the stamp a full, velvet depth that doesn't really translate on this picture.

I'm eagerly awaiting my finished website so that I don't have to use my blog to post class pictures!  Sorry about that...it will have to do for now!

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