Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lonely Tree

I was digging around in my box again and picked up one I made with a brayer. I remember when I was making it that I wanted to use colors that looked great on the inkpad, but had previously given me pause because skies don't really look like that! But since I frequently color things with colors that don't happen naturally (especially flowers) I decided it was worth messing around with. The bottom color looks like a cove blue - but it is eggplant and is not translating well on to this photograph.

I think I'm going to start one more blog! Trying to determine what needs to be accomplished each day in a small business is turning out to be the biggest decision of the day. I frequently get side tracked by the curse of the immediate, and sometimes wish that I could go to another small business blog and read about what to do next! It occured to me that none of us have the time!!

I've been looking around for some to follow - but my idea of a small business doesn't seem to compute with whats out there. Everything is professional and uptight. I want the poor shmuck like me who stayed up to late glueing things and had to get "readers" because they're having trouble making straight cuts. When I started my store in Anchorage, I looked around and looked around for a plain old common sense commentary on the realities of daily living with a cottage industry....but had little success. I do think we don't have time for that sort of thing. I don't even do this blog properly! Look! I didn't even put a watermark on my picture today (signature on the picture to stop plagiarism). I think I'll call the blog "the Small Business Schmuck!" I've heard that shmuck stands for a certain part of the male anatomy in Yiddish. Do you think that's true?? If it is ... I probably shouldn't call the blog that!

Products Used

* Cardstocks were pulled out of the leftover box!

Stamps by Stampscapes (go visit the website!)
* Ledge - 054F
* Oak Tree Large - 179G

Inks by Adirondack
* Cranberry
* Slate
* Pitch Black
* Eggplant
* Butterscotch

* Stamped on Inkssential Glossy Paper
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